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FBG Strain and Temperature Sensors

Features Application Packaging

Fiber Bragg grating strain gages can be delivered pre-laminated for measuring strain on stiff surfaces. They are suitable for being fixed easily onto the measurement object, like concrete beams, or rocks.

They are useful to measure dynamic events on stiff materials, where a direct embedding of the bare fiber is not applicable. Each strain gage will be calibrated to ensure a highly accurate measurement.

  • Strain monitoring of civil structures, for instance bridges, dams, buildings, pipelines ...
  • Monitoring of strain or tem- perature under hazardous conditions
  • Geotechnics, deformation monitoring, rock vibration measurement

FBG optical Strain Gage

Since the laminated strain gage has a higher stiffness than the bare fiber, it must not be applied onto weaker objects.

Specification Premium Standard
Side lobe suppression
Strain limit
Gauge factor
Operating temperature

Spectral characteristics
Spectrum Sensor FBG
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