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 LTT interface cable

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LTT interface cable

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Light triggered thyristors (LTT) are widely used in HVDC power systems. The thyristors are trig- gered by a high power laser im- pulse that is commonly provided by a laser diode (LD). We provide the optical cables that guides the light pulse to the thyristor's base.

Our optical cables are fully quali- fied for the use in high power sy- stem. They are 100% compliant to the optical thyristors T1503N, T1503NH, T2563NH, T4003N, T4003NH, T553N, and subseries; applying an excellent trigger pulse at minimum losses.

  • ST or FC adpter for the pulsed laser diode
  • High voltage resistant cable with very low power loss
  • Highly sophisticated thyristor adapter with UV trimmed aperture
  • Compliant to all EUPEC / INFINEON LT thyristor series
We can also provide suitable pul- sed laser diodes with ST adapter.

LTT interface 

Specification Premium
Cable type
Operating wavelength
Cable length
LTT adapter length
LD adapter
Operating Temperature
Excess loss @ 940 nm
Minimum bending diameter, statical

Dimensions LR87 R10
Interface Drawing
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